The King, but NOT Elvis!

This is a piece I wrote just last evening, on a bit of Lovecraftian-style doggerel that had been floating about in my head for the last couple of days. It’s about a certain half-brother and rival to Cthulhu, and based on something I’d found in an old binder of mine from a few years back, dating from 2006. ~ Troythulu

For madness then!

The King doth cry

Its eldritch howling fills the sky

Palid mask just ’neath Its cowl

The stars do flicker, shining foul

Hali’s misty lake offshore

Where human minds are whole no more

Carcosa, City of the Dead

Aldebaran, its glare so red

None who go there may recall 

The horror of its Ruler tall

The King doth reign in tattered robes

In Yellow rags to fear betrothed

Our human minds, so fragile still

The weakness of our strongest wills

Never should the name be said

Of It who drives men raving mad.

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