Welcome to the Checkerboards of the Gods

G’day. This site is one of six I’ve constructed within the last couple of weeks. It’ll deal mostly with my poetry, games, eldritch wordplay (and some not so eldritch!) and commentary. 

That last is a pretty broad category, and it will include some social and a few political topics, though I’ll avoid gratuitous click-bait on hot-button issues. It’s not needed, and moderating 10 blogs at once will be work enough just starting out. 

Why Checkerboards of the Gods? As a play on title of the popular work of ‘ancient aliens’ science fiction ‘Chariots of the Gods,’ and because ‘Cheerios of the Gods’ is already taken.

For those of you new to this and other sites of mine, I also post on The Call of Troythulu, The Collect Call of Troythulu (on Blogger), I Am Troythulu, My Horrific Elegance (on Tumblr) The Hypershard Dispatches, the Exohuman Journal, the Impudent Algorithm, the Gawds of Terra, and the tenth site currently titled We Are The Wavetouched. 

Note that some of these are not yet public at the time of this post’s publishing…

Change happens, blogs evolve over time in unpredictable ways, but I hope to keep the content theme of this and other sites of mine as close to starting out as possible. 

We’ll see. 

So, welcome, my fellow players of the game…the next move is yours!

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