The Testament of Wolfgang Orcrates

For this little piece, I created a fictional character from a fantasy RPG, a supergenius member of a species known as Orcs in the popular culture… Yes, the same sort of brutal creatures in the Lord of the Rings books and movies, only this character is one of the smart ones, both Socrates and Mozart in one annoying, pedantic, but brilliant, funny, and very easygoing individual. ~ Troythulu

My name is Wolfgang Orcrates,

An urbane Orc, if you so please.

Though even choosing to please not,

It shall not stymie plan nor plot.

My brow, though furrowed, be it must,

Reflects control of combat lust.

A different sort of thinker, I,

So to myself I must not lie.

I sit upon this largish rock,

To count the ships moored at the dock.

A symphonic masterpiece I make,

Music composed at edge of lake.

This opportunity I take,

To be just Wolfie, as I spake.


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