Mister Eccles I

Eccles, our Renfield

Feline Destroyer of Bugs

Not quite a mouser



17 thoughts on “Mister Eccles I”

            1. My friends and I often call Eccles an insane bionic ninja cat. It was less than a couple of months after adopting him that he started picking on one of the older cats, often literally running circles around him. Oh, yes, there’s his anime ninja leap too. Teenage turtles with martial arts weapons can’t hold a candle to him.


                    1. We have three cats, Eccles, Rockykins and our female Gorgeous. Gorgeous tends to stay in her room, not inclined to wander the house unlike the boys.


                    2. Well, my family has traditionally owned at least two, and sometimes as many as five cats. There have been times that they did not get along but our current three have given us no problems, except perhaps Eccles bothering Gorgeous by playing with her tail.


                    3. Rocky seems almost like a father figure for Eccles, and the two often tussle. Gorgeous, on the other hand, tends to just keep to herself, sometimes going under the bed when Eccles becomes a pest.


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