Checkerboards Bulletins: 2014/10/23

09987686456435Welp, I’ve decided that I’m going to phase this site into sharing posting time with the Call of Troythulu as one of my main blogs. It’ll become a more general subject matter site, with a slant toward the written and spoken word; such things as poetry, word games, languages (particularly the three I’m studying now, Hindi, Tamil, and Bengali), roleplaying games (mostly tabletop though), commentary, and the occasional video or two.

I’m keeping the original subject matter and expanding on it, while creating a page for this site to lay that all out clearly, including some of the standard and some new poetry styles and forms.

Thanks to Sharmishtha Basu for inspiring the interest in researching poetry genres and styles, and the interest, beginning some time ago, of learning some new languages! Some of the meters and rhythms noted of those poem styles include such ancient ones as dactylic hexameter and the various rhythms and poetic devices used by the Classic Bengali and Tamil poets. Learning the languages will be a big help in reading these writings in their original tongues. To understand the languages is to understand the people. This site in particular will be the main venue to poetry in general, and so there shall be styles and forms not seen on the other sites.

I’ll be adding new links to all of the blogs, and expand the use of widgets a bit, to help with the utility and ease of site navigation.

I’ve been a lazy blogger, and it’s time to amend that. I also expect to have a good grasp of the basic grammar and script of the three languages by the beginning of next year.

We’ll see how that goes!


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