Friga’s Day Flash Fiction: Bye! Gotta run! [a tale in less than ten sentences]

Busily, busily, the nanodrones labored, tiny, tiny things running to and fro about, weaving complex machinery into their master’s very brain and body.

The time was short, the enemy near, an enemy which sought to take the Paradox engine by force, but It who Scratches at the Gates was very clever and knew their every move!

It who was also called Sarusammog of the Gates saw them in orbit, their weapon signatures yet inactive, their targeting sensors seeking the data needed for pinpoint accuracy.

They had almost locked onto Its location, then the weapons would come online, then the fun would begin!

Sarusammog grinned Its Cheshire grin as the nanodrones finished, the coveted machinery now part of It.

Its sensors registered a targeting lock. They had found It. But it was too late.

It laughed in Its vaguely feline way as It suddenly fell through spacetime, as the world It left behind burned, carrying Its secret with it billions of cycles into the future, through the gates in reality after which It was named, to safety.



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