Learning Hindi | The Script: Devanagari Vowels & Velar Consonants

I’ve been practicing script of one of my sadly neglected languages of choice, Hindi. The script is Devanagari, or more commonly, Nagari. I’m doing these by hand, as that’s the best way to learn, though I don’t draw or write by hand much anymore due to difficulties with my wrists stemming from an accident I had back in 2007 and my horrible fine motor skills. Anyway, here, I’ve been practicing with the script’s vowels and below them the velar consonants, and I’ve included the steps used in writing each letter. The actual worksheets I use to practice on are a lot messier-looking than this, but this is shows the results of that practice. The sounds, shown by the phonetic symbols used in the workbook, Read and Write Hindi Script, are shown to the left of the margin:



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