Editorial Fridays by Troy David Loy 2.6.17 Gods of Terra Notes n Thoughts on the Magna

Agnishatdal The Ezine

The third of the four wielders of the Prime hypershards is perhaps the most complex, with a tragic past and a bright future in store for her in further fiction.

The Magna was a particularly spirited adolescent girl living on a farm in what is now known as West Bengal, India. That is, before she was taken by the Kai’Siri and made into a weapon of mass-extinction with not one, but two hypershards.

She was born Agni Bose, with a hyperseed, an undeveloped, nascent hypershard in her brain.

This unfolded and grew, like origami sculpture, as she did. It was a unique, uncorrupted one which the Kai’Siri used to track her via the shard’s terahertz emissions.

This was also to prove instrumental in gaining her freedom.

She lived her entire old life on Earth unaware she had even it, but it was only with the implantation of one of the…

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writing101april2015 day 18 29.4.15

Realm of Empress Musie

Today’s prompt

Write this story in first person, as a twelve year old, sitting on the stoop across the street, about the eviction of an old lady, who lived in a house for 40 years, due to nonpayment of rent.

Today’s twist-

For those who want an extra challenge think about more than simply writing in first person point of view, build this twelve year old as a character. Reveal atleast one personality quirk, for example, either through spoken dialogue or inner monologue.

you can check out what others are writing here-

This is how a perfect sunday morning is ruined! Poor Daisy granny! I wonder how could Jo uncle do it, he played with here eldest son, Pete uncle!

Throwing her out at this age… where will she go? He might have allowed her to stay in the garage and rent the house! Now garage… hmmm! I wonder…

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