Why I’m not “Staunch”

I cannot intuitively understand why staunch adherence to ideology and partisanship should be considered virtues. “Staunch” to me equates to a tendency for stubbornly dogmatic, inflexible, and often dangerously reactionary thinking.

That’s the impression I get from people who defensively boast of just how staunch they are when they talk politics among those who already agree with them, trying to score tribal recognition points. It’s funny that more and more public political talk involves preaching to the choir, no real discourse at all, just sounding in an echo chamber.

I suppose that I could formulate reasons why staunchness might be considered virtuous, and comprehend those reasons intellectually, but it seems innately senseless to me, and any arguments I might use to justify it would be pretty poor given my understanding of our collective human experience with ideological extremism.

My own view is that, no, partisan loyalty and staunch devotion to ideology are not virtues, cannot remake reality, and are one of our most dangerous tendencies, one that may very well bring about our extinction as a species.

At the very least, to me, extreme devotion to any set of ideas is nothing to brag about. An attitude that demands inflexibility of mind in the face of new argument and evidence is not something to be particularly proud of.

Gamers’ Lament

Polyhedral dice appear,
giving gamers much to fear.

Players show up unannounced,
and promptly characters get trounced.

Fighter, Rogue, Cleric, Mage,
stoke the Dungeon Master’s rage.

Defeating all his NPCs,
racking up those EXPs.

Lich’s plot, and dragon’s scheme,
foiled by door, illusion’s dream.

Mayhem-bringers at the table,
their characters least likely fabled.

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Pirouette of Worlds

North America and Pelican Nebulae (narrowband)

North America and Pelican Nebulae (narrowband) (Photo credit: DJMcCrady)

A shifting pattern on the walls,
that I see as the sun falls,
leading way to fall of night,
and the shine of distant light.

Mighty stars, all far away,
to their worlds give light of day.

When each sphere turns ‘round its sun,
and on its axis it is spun,
each tiny world shines like a spark,
in the endless, silent dark.

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Haiku in Threes 1.0


Here are three 5-7-5 syllable haiku, of some of my fictional aliens from the Gods of Terra SF setting…

Enesh Ushroogh

Fungi of Enesh

Kept in check by ancient ones

World lethal with spores


Likeness of the owl

Six legs and calm demeanor

Avians flightless


Gliders of forest

Sapient monkey-spiders

Have all-round vision

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The King, but NOT Elvis!

This is a piece I wrote just last evening, on a bit of Lovecraftian-style doggerel that had been floating about in my head for the last couple of days. It’s about a certain half-brother and rival to Cthulhu, and based on something I’d found in an old binder of mine from a few years back, dating from 2006. ~ Troythulu

For madness then!

The King doth cry

Its eldritch howling fills the sky

Palid mask just ’neath Its cowl

The stars do flicker, shining foul

Hali’s misty lake offshore

Where human minds are whole no more

Carcosa, City of the Dead

Aldebaran, its glare so red

None who go there may recall 

The horror of its Ruler tall

The King doth reign in tattered robes

In Yellow rags to fear betrothed

Our human minds, so fragile still

The weakness of our strongest wills

Never should the name be said

Of It who drives men raving mad.

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Welcome to the Checkerboards of the Gods

G’day. This site is one of six I’ve constructed within the last couple of weeks. It’ll deal mostly with my poetry, games, eldritch wordplay (and some not so eldritch!) and commentary. 

That last is a pretty broad category, and it will include some social and a few political topics, though I’ll avoid gratuitous click-bait on hot-button issues. It’s not needed, and moderating 10 blogs at once will be work enough just starting out. 

Why Checkerboards of the Gods? As a play on title of the popular work of ‘ancient aliens’ science fiction ‘Chariots of the Gods,’ and because ‘Cheerios of the Gods’ is already taken.

For those of you new to this and other sites of mine, I also post on The Call of Troythulu, The Collect Call of Troythulu (on Blogger), I Am Troythulu, My Horrific Elegance (on Tumblr) The Hypershard Dispatches, the Exohuman Journal, the Impudent Algorithm, the Gawds of Terra, and the tenth site currently titled We Are The Wavetouched. 

Note that some of these are not yet public at the time of this post’s publishing…

Change happens, blogs evolve over time in unpredictable ways, but I hope to keep the content theme of this and other sites of mine as close to starting out as possible. 

We’ll see. 

So, welcome, my fellow players of the game…the next move is yours!

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