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Gods of Terra | Fiction: The Trial of the Magna

Agni looked about her, surrounded by hostile glances in the vast courtroom, presided over by a stern judge with a reputation for merciless convictions on the homeworld of the Kai’Siri, Sirug.

She was not happy with the current turn of events, as the jury, most definitely NOT her peers, had just ruled her guilty of the charge of high treason against the Exarchate.

She had only recently spared the giant planet Bruticus from being destroyed by a black hole in a literal change of mind from her prior avid patriotism for Empire, Exarchs, and People. This was completely unsuspected, as was her sudden shift of from Enforcer Prime to Agni the Earthwoman.

The judge was ready to pass sentence, decerebration resulting in death, when a sudden loud ‘Pop’ filled the chamber, and a strange figure appeared, along with another.

It was Sarusammog of the Gates, along with Agni’s adopted sibling, the Tempest, whose ginger hair, freckled complexion, and a strong, determined face even an Alien* would be intimated by, appeared in front of the judge’s podium.

“I hereby sentence you, Lady Magna, to…” His voice trailed off with confusion at the sudden appearance of the two figures.

The defendant spoke up, “I told you before, I am not that person. I am now addressed as Bhadromohila Agni Bose, and you will refer to me as such! I’m not the avatara of death you wished me to be. I stand for life and freedom for all peoples, not the heinous warcrimes of the Exarchs!”

The judge caught his composure and was about to finish sentencing her, when his face suddenly went grey and his eyes blank, to slump forward on the podium unconscious as though on cue.

Agni looked at Sarusammog and the Tempest with a knowing glance. There was an indicator light shining from beneath the fur over the Paradox harness that Sarusammog wore. He and the Tempest nodded to her.

“Well, alrighty then!” Sarusammog crowed, trilling to Agni, “That’ll teach those humans to put brain control implants in people! You’ll find out soon enough dearie that the terrible past they gave you never happened, and it’s the judge who was given the implant as a sedative for crippling tremors! Come along, girls, We’ve a universe to explore, and books to collect! That, and I’ve just composed an instrumental piece you’ll love!”

He smiled, purring, his overly wide grin nearly splitting his felinoid face as he pulled a set of drums out of thin air. The trio then vanished, and the courtroom emptied, a confused jury, bailiffs, and attendees wondering why on Sirug they were there to begin with!

*1970s Movie by Ridley Scott Reference, Hint, Hint…


Eldritch Nine 0.5: The Rani of Stars

[This article has been updated, revised, and rewritten from the original, cross-posted on the Call of Troythulu.]

“Rani, Rani, how thy visage of stars doth shine most brightly…” ~ verse fragment from an ancient tomb on the abandoned planet Malagol, believed to refer to an avatar of the King of Shards.

What is the Rani of Stars? What are her goals?

She is an avatar of the King of Shards, crafted for the purpose of safely interacting with humans. The pandimensional nature of the King of Shards produces a profound sense of fear and wrongness which is deeply disturbing to the human psyche.

Because dealing with humans and not having them go mad is not possible in the King’s true form, It created an extension of Itself in a more human-looking and feminine form just for this purpose.

The Rani of Stars, also known as Epu’Lar’A’Toq, manifests as a slim, unnaturally tall woman of regal bearing wearing resplendent garb sometimes reminiscent of the classical dress of ancient Terran royalty. Instead of a human face, however, hers is a field of stars against the background of deep space, with at least two stars of roughly equal relative luminosity shining where the eyes should be located.

The appearance of her starfield, as well as her hair style and mode of dress vary with each of her separate manifestations. She may even appear different in each location when interacting simultaneously in multiple places with different groups, her garb often reflecting a slightly alien-looking variation of  the traditional royal costumery of her audience’s national, species, ethnic, or historical ancestry.

The Rani of Stars is fairly benevolent toward humanity, though sometimes her attitude could be characterized as one of benign disinterest, and she is not interested in worship nor in engaging in direct intervention of the divine sort.

But as an avatar of the King of Shards, she is a being of awesome power, and not to be trifled with. She is even more dangerous than the King, as she has a temperamental streak, an imprint from the first human the King used for her personality template.

Do not annoy her by gazing too intently or too long at her visage of stars, as she may randomly transport offenders to other times, other places, and other worlds to protect her modesty, pulling them screaming and shrinking into her starfield to an unpleasant fate.

The fortunate ones will die instantly, randomly popping up inside a planet or star, or transported to a universe of broken symmetry whose physical laws and constants cannot even allow life as we know it. For these lucky ones, the end comes quickly.

Most aren’t so lucky, and wind up in the vacuum of space to die of exposure and suffocation.

Most unlucky of all are those who live to suffer their fate on some barely habitable forsaken planet at the appendages of unfriendly natives, who may be…creatively hostile to strangers.

A being of considerable ability, the Rani has a great capacity to protect or to harm, but her role is usually that of an advisor to humans, not to act on their behalf personally. If attacked personally, she is known to effectively and ruthlessly destroy the offenders with bolts of twisted spacetime, vortices of ripping force against which there is no known defense. All physical defenses are ignored on any targets existing within the same universe as the Rani, and destruction is on the subatomic level as the very nucleons and their quarks are shredded.

The Rani of Stars has overall goals coinciding with those of her pure form, the King of Shards, though how she enacts her plans has a human unpredictability that seems like rash impulsiveness. She has yet to encounter any of the Four Gods; the Fractus, the Magna, the Mirus, or the Tempest, but I’ve plans for giving her a lot of story space and a crucial role in my fiction, including works to be published.