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Gods of Terra | Lethal Emissions: Anti-Hypershard Countermeasures


Gods of Terra as a setting is more of a cycle than a saga, as far as fiction goes. The stories taking place in it are only loosely connected, and one need not think that any particular story ‘really’ happened as part of any ‘official’ narrative or metaplot. In this sense, the setting is sort of a backdrop of a mythology, a mythology of the far future in a universe of powerful, threatening, and often horrific alien forces.

One element of that setting is a species of humanity, newly evolved, only now establishing their place in the universe, the Wavetouched, the Children of the Galactic Ripple.

After the one of the Wavetouched, the Mirus, escaped servitude at the hands of the Kai’Siri, he revealed to the Local Galaxy the nature, and a crude understanding of the physics, of hypershards, ancient relics of tremendous power. This allowed effective countermeasures to be developed for the technology. They’ve prevented the success of radicalized Wavetouched with these devices seeking to supplant or dominate the majority population of baseline humans through violent revolution or terror.

Hypershards are alien technology, sort of like cybernetic brain implants, originally created by a now-dead civilization, and exist mostly in the fourth and higher dimensions of eleven-dimensional spacetime.

Hypershards exploit features of certain interpretations of Superstring theory, and are composed of hyperspatial matter. They’re created, or rather, grown, to generate powerful effects mimicking supernormal abilities by curling and uncurling, folding and unfolding their constituent spacetime dimensions.

This process alters local spacetime geometries, momentarily adjusting physical laws and constants and  exploiting loopholes in those same laws and constants. All of this is done, however, in complete obedience to fundamental conservation laws observed in all Worlds across the multiverse.

They bend, and sometimes fold, spindle, twist, or mutilate, rather than break, physical laws.

They have a real but tenuous existence in the first three dimensions of spacetime, and thus are nearly intangible to ordinary matter, but not quite. They interact slightly on the electromagnetic spectrum in these three dimensions. When functions are active, these implants radiate brightly in the terahertz band, non-ionizing radiation in a region of the electromagnetic spectrum between microwaves and infrared.

This near-ghostly existence in three-dimensional space lets them pass with minimal resistance through the skull and brain of those implanted with them. They lock into position once in place by low-energy electrical fields generated at contact points on the device that link them to specific brain regions, from which they receive commands for their functions.

An active hypershard radiates strongly in the terahertz band, and they are easily detectable by technology picking up this band. Thus they may be tracked by the conventional technology of the setting.

Understanding of the basic hypershard technology using even badly reverse-engineered knockoffs has allowed the development of a sort of cloaking device. This permits hiding from the extended sensory functions of a hypershard, the extension of the user’s perceptions into higher dimensions of spacetime. This means that any such augmented Wavetouched is now limited to their basic perceptions as defined by their senses and unaugmented central nervous system, and gains no sensory advantages over baseline humans.

The technology is limited from a combination of the energy needs of the system and current engineering constraints. But it is effective, and used for special operations teams in anti-insurgent actions involving rogue Wavetouched. As standard operating procedure, this is combined with terahertz-wavelength tracking and targeting systems.

So hypershards have their uses. As weapons they are unparalleled, but they may be tracked and blinded. So their users can be thus vulnerable to conventional weapons that evade their own detection and tactical systems, while rendering them obvious targets for sensors operated by the squads equiped to handle them.

Wavetouched can be powerful, but they are hardly invincible. That’s a lesson to us all, especially the mighty.

Eldritch Nine: The Transcendent Meme

There are some weird things in the Gods of Terra universe… Thanks to Christopher R. Rice for suggesting this one!

…an undead star that thinks and acts as a conscious being…A hyperdimensional entity that tinkers with the building blocks of the universe…A clockwork computer intent on preventing itself from existing by erasing the universe…

What could possibly be weirder? How about an idea, a meme, that takes on a life and mind of its own through the medium of the beings who spread it? An idea that thinks, and feels…and is spread like a virus through not just verbal, but also telepathic contact!

The Transcendent Meme originated from its “parent,” a species now long extinct, whose identity is lost to even the most ancient lore. Some of this species had borderline psionic ability.

One day, a member of this species was born (or hatched, or germinated, or whatever…) with fully functional telepathic ability. The ideas that took shape in its mind, catalyzed by telepathic ability, triggered the genesis of the Meme.

This new mental entity spread throughout the species in a single night, psionically leapfrogging from brain to brain and triggering a few latents as it did.

The Meme transcended its parent species as it spread to others that were contacted, and soon a critical mass of active telepaths was reached, minds fully overwhelmed by the power of an Idea. It then surpassed the need for a tangible substrate, as a Boltzmann brain, while simultaneously killing its former hosts as expendable.

But it effected a plan to perpetuate itself should it ever be destroyed. The Meme’s data had been previously recorded in text, in the language of mathematics, and so on, as a sort of backup copy, and hidden, but in places a proper host mind would be likely to look and find it.

It then met the other beings that it would for a time join as the Nine who are One, in the founding of the Grand Civilization and Empire of the Nine. It became involved in the War of the Great Fracture on the side of the King of Shards and Sarussamog of the Gates, as they were useful allies and it had a vested interest in perpetuating itself, as any prudent sentient idea should.

It died in the war, its disembodied but still physical form fatally disrupted by the wrong end of a triggered hypernova’s particle jet. But did it live on? Well, a mind ordinarily needs a brain to exist, or at least to start out, even as an idea, but there are those pesky records left behind. Someone just might come across them on a dig somewhere and read them. Has anyone found them yet? Maybe. Just maybe.

Let’s hope it wasn’t by an active telepath!