Topical Entries for this Site

876587686548545363737343753737This site is phasing into becoming one of my main WordPress blogs, along with the Call of Troythulu.

While a general purpose site, it will rely more on written and spoken and less on entries with primarily visual appeal. There have been and will continue to be image and video posts, but this site’s strong points will rest more on text and spoken language, and most images used here help serve that purpose, with fractal-based memes, diagrams, and sometimes image-enhanced poetry using my fractals.

Typical subject matter includes: Poetry of various sorts and forms, wordplay, games, gaming, fiction, commentary, literature, memes, and any topic dealing with language, languages being studied, or the use of language in reasoning.

The following topical posts are feature entries that more or less specific to this blog though a few are shared with other sites I own.

A Tale in Ten: Micro-fiction varying from consisting of either 7-10 words or 8-10 sentences, not including sentence fragments used for effect. May be of any genre.

Haiku in Two: a pair of Haiku, usually of 5-7-5 syllables, dealing with a common theme or motif.

Haiku in Threes: a triplet set of Haiku, also organized around a common theme, though often more loosely.

The following are those entries this site will share in common with the Call of Troythulu. Emphasis will be placed more on written or spoken word where possible and appropriate. There shall be additional commentary, often extensive, with those entries that do use images and/or videos:

Mr. Eccles Presents: Typical video entries, usually single videos with a skeptical or secular theme, named after my evil psycho ninja cat, Mister Eccles.

MetaCognitions: Thoughts, musings, commentary, or essays, sometimes with accompanying images.

Future Fluff: This is my gaming and science fiction feature detailing the strange beings, technologies, artifacts, events, worlds, events and other features of the fictional settings I sometimes create. This is sort of a sounding board to allow the things described therein to be better defined later with hard numbers and game statistics for use in role-playing venues. Often featured are things pertaining to my Gods of Terra SF universe, but other settings may be used as well. This leads to…

Eldritch Nine: This is a series of posts dealing with the more powerful alien beings, many virtual gods, who populate or have populated my Gods of Terra setting. So far, it includes information on the Nine who are One, my alien spacegods whose intergalactic Grand Civilization went extinct billions of years before the current era of humanity. I will here deal with their servants or avatars and lesser manifestations too.

Friga’s Day Flash Fiction: Formerly Friga’s Day Fiction, this features a flash fiction presentation on Fridays, usually speculative fiction, but including other genres. Each story with VERY few exceptions will begin and end in a single piece. I find that this is the best sort of fiction for me to write, having little patience with longer or serial fiction.

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